2020 Coronavirus Pandemic 

Operational Status Update

Given the widespread impact of the unfolding Coronavirus pandemic, we understand that our customers may be concerned about Halsey Taylor’s operational status and have questions related to the care & cleaning of our drinking water products.


Week of April 20th


All US Halsey Taylor production plants & distribution facilities remain open and are currently operating at normal production capacities.  Although several states in which Halsey Taylor operates manufacturing plants and distribution centers have enacted “stay-at-home" orders, as a critical supplier to hardware and supply stores, plumbing wholesale business and other customers who provide our products to healthcare, construction, foodservice and other critically important industries, Halsey Taylor is considered an “Essential Business and Operation” and are encouraged to remain open under those states’ orders.




Halsey Taylor is committed to protecting the health of our employees as we continue operations and has developed a plan to enhance sanitation in each location, while also enforcing social distancing protocols.




We currently are not experiencing any major supply shortages at any of our operations. 




We suggest that you continue to monitor the CDC’s website for the most recent information related to methods and materials to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  

For Halsey Taylor drinking water products, follow the cleaning directions outlined in the instructions provided with your product or visit our website for more information. If you choose to use a disinfectant, use only the following products:

  • Virox Technologies, Inc. PREempt Wipes
  • Clorox Commercial Solutions® Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfecting Wipes
  • Clorox Healthcare® Disinfectant Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Wipes

Once you have used any disinfectant on a Halsey Taylor drinking water product, it must be thoroughly wiped dry with a water-dampened clean cloth after the specified disinfectant contact time as indicated on the disinfectant product.


For more information, please see here.


If your facility had an extended closure caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19), your Elkay drinking water products may have remained unused for 4-6 weeks or longer. This could lead to stagnant water residing within the building plumbing or the product itself. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recommendations noted in, Maintaining or Restoring Water Quality in Buildings With Low or No Use, stagnation introduces the possibility for bacteria growth within the water supply, rendering it potentially unsafe for users. Prior to reopening, Elkay recommends following these guidelines.

This report will be updated every Monday by 5pm CST.
Last updated: 4/20/20